10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Marketing and Advertising

The world of marketing and advertising is a fascinating one for outsiders and not only. You may have been working in an advertising agency for example and never have heard some of the most interesting facts in the history of brands. Below you will find ten facts you didn’t know about marketing and advertising.

1. The legendary Marlboro Man ads were first released in 1955 and they initially featured several masculine figures, including captains, gunsmiths, and athletes, but the image of the rugged cowboy proved to be the public’s favourite and thus the most marketable of them. However, the legend of the cowboy was later tainted by the death of no less than three men who appeared in the ad, all of whom passed away because of lung cancer. This is the reason for which the brand became to be referred to as the “Cowboy Killer”.

2. One of the most efficient techniques used by advertising agencies is called “affective condition”. This means placing the product next to other things in order for the consumers to feel positive about it. Thus, a detergent may be featured in juxtaposition with flowers, babies, or sunshine. By repeatedly seeing the brand associated with positive elements, the consumers are more likely to feel good about the detergent as well.

3. Studies have shown that women’s magazines are more prone to promote weight loss than men’s magazines do. In fact, more than 75% of women’s magazine covers feature at least one article related to changing one’s body through dieting or cosmetic surgery.

4. Working in an advertising agency may sometimes be similar to working in a salon. This is especially true with food advertisements, where food stylists may paint a chicken golden brown in order to make it look perfect and sew its skin to appear tight.

5. The child actors in ads intended for children are often older than the target audience. This contributes to the idea of offering kids role models and makes them wish to be like the kids they see in ads.

6. If you think that using sex in advertising to increase sales is a modern invention, you are in the wrong. Pictures of naked women actually appeared in tobacco ads released in the 1800s.

7. The first “event marketing” in history took place in 1984 and it had a lasting impact in the advertising industry. The event was the launch of the Apple Macintosh computer in 1984 during the Super Bowl and the promotion got almost the same coverage as the product itself.

8. Advertising is one of the few sectors that produce impressive amounts of money out of nothing and without actually producing something physical. Selling ideas is a concept that revolutionized the business industry in the 20th century.

9. The average American kid watches more than 100 ads a day, which totals a whopping total of 40,000 per year.

10. The largest numbers of ads that can be seen on TV are for food and alcohol products.

Advertise Business Online – It’s Far Easier Than Many People Say

I also wondered why I should advertise business online, in the beginning of my business. I had heard so much about the benefits of advertising online but just couldn’t get a handle on it. I thought it would be very complicated and would involve me spending many weeks and even months understanding how it all worked. I even thought of hiring a special online advertiser to handle all my business advertisements online for me.

But all of that was until a friend helped me. He explained all that it entails to advertise my business online and I was shocked to find that advertising online was very easy to understand and to get involved in. Not only was it easy, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the ROI (return on investment) was very impressive, as compared to offline radio, television, newspaper or magazine advertisement.

You see, if you can write and send an email and if you can use Google to search on the Internet, then you can get involved in advertising your business online. It’s really easy. The entire process has been made really easy. It’s as simple as looking for and contacting high traffic blogs and even forums to buy ad spots for your business. And with the many good classified sites out there like Featuring.com, you don’t have to pay big money to get started on advertising just about any business on the Internet.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of contacting blogs or forums’ owners to place adverts on their blogs or forums, then you should get started with Google AdWords. You simply pay for the number of visitors you need and Google will do the trouble for you by placing your adverts on their Google.com search page when people search for information related to the keywords you have chosen.

The good thing with Google AdWords advertising is that you don’t get to spend any money until the visitors actually click through to your website. This is unlike a radio, television, newspaper or magazine advert where your advert money is spent whether people actually respond to the ad or not.

It’s not really difficult to get started at all; what’s very important is to take the little time necessary to learn the ropes as far as advertising your business on the Internet is concerned. And the good news is that it’s now far easier than was the case before. Today, just about anyone who is interested can get started; and easily too.

Marketing and Advertising: A Different Approach

Most advertisements are mainly focused on selling a product or service. Companies are very comfortable explaining what their products are all about or how their service works. A lot of times a discount is offered to convince new customers to buy something because it is cheaper and when you read advertisements like this, you are supposed to find the reason yourself why you should buy the product other than a lower price. So anyway you look at it, advertisements are most likely all about the product instead of the customer who should be buying the product.

It is easier to talk about what you already know and choose a standard product marketing approach of your local market. You know your product best so you can easily explain what the best features are and how these features will benefit the customer is buying your product. And since you’ve been able to convince a lot of customers to buy your product because of the quality and these features, there is no reason for you to change the message in an advertisement that you are about to publish in the local newspapers right? Well think about this. If you are selling window washing services and you show an advertisement with a clean window, will your advertisements stick out against the other advertisements of the other window cleaning companies? All advertisements will probably offer the same service and show the same pictures. Why should a new customer choose your company then?

Is this money wasted? Is this bad marketing? No it doesn’t have to be. But this form of product marketing is a very popular way of promoting and it has been proven to be very effective overtime. For example take a look at how Ford promoted his Model T back in the days. There were not a lot of models to choose from and the only color was black! Still this was a very successful marketing campaign. Sure it was a completely different era and the competition was considerably less. However when you take a look at the old advertisements that Ford published it really draws your attention. Why is that? Well Ford has made a great effort to tap into the emotion of the potential customer. And to be honest they had to do so, because it made no sense at all to talk about the special technical features to customers who were not used to buying cars in the first place. So the best thing they could have done, is to present their product in a desirable social situation that would appeal to their market. And when people read the advertisement and recognized the social setting which was presented to them, they immediately wanted that social setting and added the car to it. Clever right?

This kind of advertising resembles the different approach we are using for the local market in Netherlands. Even though this is not a new way of marketing and advertising, it is new to the Dutch market because of the focus on the motion of the buying customer. We use these examples to explain to local businesses that another approach is advisable to gain more local customers. And the best way to make them understand is by asking them how their clients made money with the solution that they offer them. And then there is no answer…… Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t it amazing that most local businesses do not know why customers come back? A happy customer is a paying customer right? So you want to have more happy customers! Try to find the same happy customer that resembles the customers you already have.

But how do you do that? And where do you start? Well to our opinion it starts with talking to your customers. Because they know why they keep coming back to your store. And if you ask them why you might actually find out that they will not come back for the product itself, but that they are coming back because of your excellent service and nice atmosphere. So when you continue to advertise the product instead of the excellent service you’re offering, who will not attract the same happy buying customer. Makes sense right? Then why do we continue to advertise the products instead of the real reason why customers come back? Because we fail to put in something very important. We forget to enclose recognition of social desirable situations for customers to recognize. And we cannot add those desirable situations when we don’t know what it is that our customers find desirable right?

So when you have a local business and you would like to have more happy customers, make an effort to actually talk to your customers and have a conversation about what drives them to come back to your store or business. And once you know what makes them come back to your desirable settings, you can start and describing that specific desirable social setting in your advertisements so that new customers will be attracted to them. We understand that this might sound easier than it actually is. However you will find it very revealing that once you talk to your customers you will learn more than you expected.

Does Facebook Advertising Actually Deliver?

It would seem a no-brainer that the world’s so-called “third largest country” would be a prime advertising medium, but that’s not necessarily the case. While Facebook may boast over 400 million users and have produced a projected $4 billion in advertising dollars for 2010, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the advertising gold mine it so obviously seems on the surface to be.

After you’re done website building, next comes the ongoing task of website marketing, and to do that effectively-and not wastefully-you’ll need to dig a little deeper to find the truth of which online advertising sources deliver the best bang for the buck.

Ads On Facebook Vs. Google Search

Before making his well-publicized departure from the company, Google’s ex-CEO Eric Schmidt wrote off Facebook as an ignorable competitor in the online advertising game. His argument? They’re not search ads. In other words, Schmidt is saying that because the ads on Facebook aren’t derived from a user’s searches, they provide less immediate relevance to the viewer than the ads that appear alongside Google Search Results.

Of course, the counterargument to that could be that ads on Facebook are distributed based on a user’s Likes and their other Facebook activity, including-perhaps most notably-the recommendations of their Friends, said to triple a Facebook ad’s effective durability. Still, it’s hard to argue that an ad appearing in direct, real-time response to a specific search is more relevant (or at least timely) to the viewer than one based on their overall profile.

Costs More, Less Effective

According to social media news source Mashable, Facebook ads increased in cost from 2009 to 2010 but decreased in effectiveness. The Webtrends survey from which they gleaned this data, which examined over 11,000 ads on Facebook, also found that Facebook advertising produced about half the click-through rates of traditional banner ads.

For Which Demographics Are Facebook Ads Most Effective?

The same Webtrends survey found that the older the viewer, the higher the click-throughs, although with a noticeable drop-off after age 65. This means that, provided your target market is not senior citizens, the older the audience, the more likely that advertising to them on Facebook will deliver.

Interestingly, the survey found no difference in the click-through response of men and women.

For Which Industries Does Facebook Advertising Deliver?

It should come as little surprise to learn that the most effective ads on Facebook were the ones for products and services considered “fun”, including entertainment, media and blogging. The least popular campaigns on Facebook were for “drier” industries like computer software and health care.

Using This Information To Choose A Website Maker

Many of the website maker services online offer free Google and Yahoo search advertising integration, and many more website builder services offer free credits for search advertising on those engines. Nowadays, you’ll also find quite a few website creator services offering Facebook advertising features as well. The question is, is Facebook advertising support a feature worth seeking out in website building software or no?

A website builder that integrates Facebook advertising functionality is certainly a boon to a site, but for comprehensive support with a well-rounded online marketing plan that delivers you the best chances of getting the highest click-through rates on a consistent basis, a website creator that incorporates a full selection of all the standard online advertising options-including Google AdWords and traditional display and banner ads-is best. At least for now it seems unwise to eschew any one form in favor of the other.